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Fortune on privacy ..

Sorry, couldn't resist. This one did make me smile ..

"Every Solidarity center had piles and piles of paper .... everyone was
eating paper and a policeman was at the door.  Now all you have to do is
bend a disk."
- an anonymous member of the outlawed Polish trade union, Solidarity,
  commenting on the benefits of using computers in support of their movement

I wonder about the problems of eating those paper-based blu-ray disks that people occasionally talk about. In any case, it's one hell of a lot of roughage..
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A new email signature?

Perhaps it is time to update my email signature..

... Any resemblance between the above views and those of my employer,
my terminal, or the view out my window are purely coincidental.  Any
resemblance between the above and my own views is non-deterministic.  The
question of the existence of views in the absence of anyone to hold them
is left as an exercise for the reader.  The question of the existence of
the reader is left as an exercise for the second god coefficient.  (A
discussion of non-orthogonal, non-integral polytheism is beyond the scope
of this article.)
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Interesting tit-bits from fortune ..

#define BITCOUNT(x)     (((BX_(x)+(BX_(x)>>4)) & 0x0F0F0F0F) % 255)
#define  BX_(x)         ((x) - (((x)>>1)&0x77777777)                    \
                             - (((x)>>2)&0x33333333)                    \
                             - (((x)>>3)&0x11111111))

                -- really weird C code to count the number of bits in a word
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